iPhone time to permanently strip Lightning port

Information recently came from reliable insider Guillermo Rambo of 9to5Mac. He said that all iPhones, alas, will remain with the Lightning port.

Is Apple doing it right, once again leaving its proprietary connector in the iPhone?

The Verge author Dieter Bowe tried to answer this question and shared his opinion on why you should not wait for USB-C in iPhone 11. Next come Bowe’s thoughts.

It will be difficult for users to switch to USB-C

Replacing the charging port cannot be painless. Millions of people have enough devices that charge precisely through the Lightning cord. And such an unexpected innovation will be shocking .

It’s easier to get people to accept USB-C when it comes along with other significant changes to the iPhone. Apparently, the iPhone 11 will not be revolutionary. Neither by design nor by new technologies.

The USB-C port was worth the wait along with the announcement of the iPhone X , which marked the beginning of a new era for the iPhone.

For the company, this would be an ideal moment to say: “We have a future ahead of us, everyone will use the same cable until we can completely get rid of the wires.” Those who are not ready to accept such a future can always take the old model.

Apple has decided to stick with Lightning, and this is a missed opportunity. Not surprisingly, the company got stuck with the port in the iPhone Xs a year after the release of the iPhone X.

Apple now makes no sense to abandon Lightning


For Apple, abandoning the 3.5mm audio jack is much simpler than using a proprietary port. You need to understand that thanks to the MFI program, the company makes crazy money. In their right mind and for no apparent reason no one will refuse such a thing.

But this cannot go on forever. By next year, users will have at least one device with a USB-C port (probably a laptop or iPad Pro). Ultimately, the benefits of switching to USB-C will outweigh the benefits of using Lightning. The latter will become simply meaningless.

But USB-C will still appear on the iPhone

The biggest advantage of switching to USB-C is having the same charger for your laptop, tablet and phone. It is much more convenient .

The new port is a real hell for users. And now the company has no excuses to justify such a transition. This is why the iPhone 11 is not suitable for this.

The first rumors about the iPhone 12 have already appeared : a full-screen fingerprint scanner and the death of a hated monobrow. That means we are waiting for a completely new design. It is these points that will become the reason why people line up and accept a port change. The Verge ]

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