iPhone Xr named best-selling model

In the next report of Counterpoint Research, the iPhone Xr smartphone was called the best-selling model in the third quarter. It accounts for 3% of global sales – a high figure for a single model, including for Apple (on the iPhone Xr a quarter of the company’s mobile phone sales in the reporting period).

High demand for the smartphone is maintained, among other things, due to Apple’s pricing policy, which “adjusts” the cost for different markets depending on the prevailing conditions.

In second place is Samsung Galaxy A10 with a share of 2.6%. The top ten are the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A20, but there are no flagships among them. In the “top 10” appear Oppo A9, A5s and A5, as well as Huawei P30, however, the soon “weaning” from Google services may adversely affect the position of Huawei smartphones.

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