Is it possible to configure additional mouse buttons in iPadOS

connected a Bluetooth mouse to the iPad, but I can not find how to configure additional buttons.

It became possible to connect the manipulator to the iPhone and iPad after the release of iOS 13, however, in the latest update to iOS 13.4, this mechanism has undergone several changes .

The manipulator has turned from a tool for people with disabilities into a full-fledged tablet control.

When you connect a mouse or trackpad to the iPadOS, you can configure several actions for each of its buttons. This is done as follows:

  1. Go to Settings – Universal Access – Touch – AssistiveTouch.
  2. In the Actions settingssection , you can set three actions for single, double and long presses on the main key of the manipulator.
  3. If you need additional buttons, you must activate the AssistiveTouchswitch .
  4. After that, in the Settings – Universal Access – Touch – AssistiveTouch – Devices menu,find your mouse.
  5. Click Add other buttons …and set the desired action for each of them.

Unfortunately, the use of additional keys is only available with the AssistiveTouch option enabled .



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