It is Wednesday, my dudes: a picture of a frog as the main meme of every Wednesday of the last five years

When, if not on Wednesday, tell a story of the development of a meme relevant only once a week.

February 19, 2020, when the material is published – this is Wednesday. So, on the Internet you can definitely see a picture that appears only on this day of the week – a smiling frog on it says: “It is Wednesday, my dudes”. And this has been happening for more than five years.

TJ details how the meme about the environment and dudes came about. Because when, if not on Wednesday.It all started with Tumblr, where on December 10, 2014 (Wednesday), kidpix2 posted a picture with a frog and the caption “This is Wednesday, my dudes.” Whether he made a meme himself, why he decided to publish the image, which means binding to the environment, is still unknown.

The frog in the picture refers to the species of evil shield-backs (Lepidobatrachus laevis) – tailless amphibians, distinguished by a short thick head, very wide mouth and bulging eyes. They are also called “Budgett Frogs” – in honor of the late 19th-century British zoologist John Samuel Badgett, who discovered South America.

The shield-backs look good-naturedly enough, but when they feel threatened, they swell, open their mouths and show fangs. This species can feed on other frogs. The image that eventually became a meme is an image from the ReptMart website selling amphibians online.

And the shield-backs are strangely yelling, which was shown in a viral video in 2013.

In 2014-2015, the frog meme developed slowly. And on January 14, 2016 weiner JimmyHere published a video where he pronounced the phrase “It is Wednesday, my dudes”, and then began to imitate the sounds of a shield-head. Vine quickly gained more than 15 million views, and the service began to parody a six-second video.

Along with the video, the picture itself gained popularity, which was firmly established on Twitter and on Reddit. On the subreddit / me_irl, the meme became a local joke and a kind of cult. Each Wednesday, the section was filled with the same pictures with a frog, and users made several unsuccessful attempts to make “It is Wednesday, my dudes” the most “plus” post in the history of Reddit.

As a result, the meme twice overcame the mark of 100 thousand likes, but did not settle in the tops of the entire site. The last attempt was in 2019 – and again failed.

In May 2016, a Twitter account “It Is Wednesday” from @MyDudes_ appeared. Each Wednesday, the author published the same picture with a toad, making changes for the holidays and based on the main trends of the day. Three and a half years later, the profile is still alive – for all the time the account creator missed only two environments.

In 2017, YouTube’s ZimoNitrome blogger and his series of videos dedicated to “It is Wednesday, my dudes” became the main popularizer of memes on the Internet. During the year, he published short videos with different music and in different styles: retro wave, hip-hop, metal, there was even a video called “It is Wednesday my comrades”.

It all ended in August 2018 with a grand finale, after which ZimoNitrome disappeared from YouTube. Despite gaining 200 thousand subscribers, he did not publish anything else.

All videos can be watched in one collection – 22 minutes of video were released that appeared on Wednesdays.

For five years, the meme has not died and has not disappeared, reducing its relevance. Perhaps the fact is that it is difficult to get tired of it: in fact, publishing pictures with a frog makes sense only on Wednesdays, and on the other days of “It is Wednesday, my dudes” gives way to other memes.

In any case, since 2014 entire generations of memes have changed, but once a week in social networks you can still meet that same evil shield-back. And the frog joke is much more diverse than it might seem.

The life cycle of a frog

I and the boys celebrate Wednesday

“Hey man, can you close your eyes?” 
– Of course, dude. 
– What do you see, dude? 
– Nothing, man. 
“That’s what my environment looks like without you, man.” 
– Dude…

This is the Middle Ages, my dudes

Wednesday is close my dudes

Dad, there’s a dude under my bed!

This is a bird! 
This is a plane! 
This is … Wednesday, my dudes

PS tomorrow.
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