Italy was the first in the world to introduce the “red zone” of coronavirus throughout the country: movement was limited and advised to stay at home

In a European country, the most cases of Covid-19 infection are after China.

Italy was the first country to extend restrictions due to the Covid-19 coronavirus throughout its territory. New measures to combat the epidemic were announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. They will begin to operate in the morning of March 10.

Thus, Italy will spread the “red zone” throughout the country, where about 60 million people live. Until that time, restrictions were in effect only in the northern provinces, including Lombardy, Venice, Modena, Parma, Rimini and Alessandria (approximately 16 million).

Conte summarized the new measures with the phrase “I’m sitting at home” and explained that the authorities did not have much time left to take decisive measures.

  • In Italy, restrict movement between settlements and regions: it will be necessary to provide a document . Exceptions will be the need for work, family issues and health problems. A ban on leaving the country as such is not imposed;
  • All residents are encouraged to call a doctor at home. Only the elderly and those who need first aid will be allowed into hospitals and clinics;
  • All sporting events, including the Italian Football Championship (Serie A), are suspended. Amateur sports will also affect this, for example, fitness centers will be closed for a while;
  • Current employees are advised to take a vacation and stay at home;
  • Universities and schools will remain closed until at least April 3;
  • Many museums, theaters and cultural centers are closed throughout the country;
  • Bars and restaurants must close no later than 18:00 local time. Disco, weddings, and funeral ceremonies are also prohibited;
  • In public places, including shops and churches, people should stay at least a meter apart;
  • Public transport will continue to operate normally, primarily due to the fact that people need to get to work.

According to the latest official data, 9172 cases of Covid-19 infection were recorded in Italy. Of this number, 463 people died, 724 recovered, and more than 700 are in hospitals. Italy is the main focus of the spread of the new coronavirus in Europe and the first country after China in terms of the number of infected.

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