James Bond movie postponed due to coronavirus

The film “Not the Time to Die”, which will be the 25th in Bond, was due to be released in the first half of April. However, MGM, Universal, as well as the producers of the project decided to postpone the premiere until better times: Daniel Craig in the form of an employee of the British intelligence service MI6 will not appear on large screens earlier than November.

In their report, companies do not mention the situation with coronavirus directly.

Recall that the picture may become the longest in the franchise: its timing will be, according to AMC Theaters, 2 hours and 43 minutes. In second place is the Spectrum, which is three minutes shorter. It is possible that before the fall, “Not the time to die,” they will again be sent to the editor’s desk.

According to the plot in the 25th film of Bond, James Bond will move away from work on MI6, but returns to duty at the request of his friend from the CIA. Agent 007 will have to find the kidnapped scientist and stop the next villain.


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