Jason Schreier: Games with a release date after April are in jeopardy of a move due to Covid-19

There is a popular opinion that the games will hardly suffer from a pandemic – it is supported by almost daily online records and statements by Rockstar and CD Projekt Red companies about the successful full transition to remote work.
However, Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer believes that they will soon begin to transfer not only films and series.

This is not the most important thing in the world right now, but it won’t be long before the game transfers due to Covid-19 begin. The games of this month and probably April are in order, but then anything can be.
Social network users agreed, if only because the titles of the level of The Last of Us: Part II for full success also require a release in retail – with discs and collector’s editions.
However, Schreyer believes that purely “digital” indies for consoles are at stake.

Everything that requires the production of discs or cartridges is certain, but it will only affect large companies. Indie releases should not suffer at all.

Indie still needs to go through the certification process for PS4 / Xbox / Switch. Who knows how problematic this process will become?
Schreyer believes that some companies may have problems with remote work.

We have to find out if game developers can do everything remotely. Another big problem is disc factories. For future games, even getting an ESRB rating can be a challenge. And many other problems with logistics.

The journalist believes that because of the epidemic, Animal Crossing may have “absurdly high” sales, but he called the question about the next shift in the release date of TLOU 2 “good”.

According to Schreier, betting on the release of new consoles in 2020 or transferring them now is pointless: “Anyone who speaks confidently about this is just trying to guess.”

A few hours earlier, Microsoft reiterated that it was aiming for a release at the end of 2020.

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