Joaquin Phoenix paid tribute to Heath Manager

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Joaquin Phoenix made a fiery speech in which he paid tribute to fellow nominees and the Dark Knight star Heath Manager. He went up on stage to pick up the figurine for the best actor. Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Adam Driver and Theron Edgerton fought with him in this nomination.

As with DiCaprio, the Phoenix career began in childhood.

– There were always two more guys with whom I competed in auditions, and we always lost to one guy … Nobody uttered his name completely, because it was too much. Each casting director always whispered: “This is Leonardo, this is Leonardo, ” said Phoenix, laughing both the audience and DiCaprio himself. – Leonardo, you have been an inspiration for me and such a large number of people for over 25 years …

Christian Bale Joaquin asked to play poorly at least once, and awarded Adam Drivers acting with a scattering of epithets: beautiful, thin, incredible and deep.

“I stand here on the shoulders of my beloved actor Heath Ledger, ” Joaquin concluded and left the stage.

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