“Just not fallen on his leg”: remembered prototype ultrawide monitor Alienware 2008 the year

During the first show it launched the original Crysis.

The monitor, photos of which were distributed on social networks in early July 2020, was first presented at CES 2008. This is a prototype made by Alienware, which was about to launch mass production in the second half of 2008.

The resolution of this monitor was 2880 x 900 pixels, the contrast was 10,000: 1, and the response time was 0.02 milliseconds. According to Engadget reporters, three vertical lines were visible on the monitor – probably, the screen was made up of several identical smaller panels.

Whether this monitor went on sale is not known for certain, but according to Reddit users, it could be purchased with a PC for about eight thousand dollars. A similar monitor in 2008 was introduced by NEC – its CRVD-42DWX + device had the same characteristics.

Alienware Ultra-Wide Monitor Prototype introduced in 2008

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