Kickstarter raises money for an Apple Watch strap with AirPods holder

Wireless headphones are good for everyone, except for one detail – when you need to remove them, you have to look for a cover or, at worst, put it in your pocket, and then get it back. This is not very convenient, and enthusiasts have proposed an unusual solution – a headphone holder on a watch strap.

It is difficult to say how comfortable this option will be with daily wear: although the creators of the product say that the headphones are held firmly in the grooves, they are unlikely to remain in place upon impact. In addition, AirPods outside the case are looking for a device that you need to connect to, or keep in touch with it – which means that the charge, albeit slowly, is consumed.

However, if you need to remove the headphones for a short time – for example, to talk with someone – getting into your pocket behind a case is really uncomfortable. And here you can quickly fasten AirPods to the strap and then put them on again.

About seventy “bakers” have already appreciated the idea: they donated more than two thousand dollars for the project through the Kickstarter site, and in total the idea authors want to raise $ 10 thousand. They still have 43 days to do this.

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