Kommersant: Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei have suspended the supply of phones from China to Russia due to an outbreak of coronavirus

The supply schedule has shifted by two weeks for all companies whose production is located in China.

About this “Kommersant” told sources that are partners of these brands. According to one of them, the factories extended the New Year holidays in honor of the Chinese New Year until February 10 due to an outbreak of coronavirus. It is possible that they will be extended again.

Another source told the publication that deliveries were delayed by Apple, which also manufactures equipment in China. The company itself did not comment on the information.

Other manufacturers that decided to suspend shipments include Vivo, Realme, and ZTE.

The Vivo press service confirmed to Kommersant that due to the extended holidays, the supply schedule will shift by two weeks for all companies manufacturing their products in China.

It is reported that a two-week delay will not cause serious consequences – retailers do not expect a shortage of devices, including because they order more goods during the New Year periods.

The director of the Mobile Communications Department of Marvel Distribution, Pavel Vyukov, expressed the view that a delay of two to five weeks could even be useful for the market, as it would reduce inventory. However, a delay of a month and a half can cause negative consequences and rise in price of smartphones by 10-15%.

As follows from the data of M. Video — Eldorado, every second smartphone bought in Russia is made in China, and Huawei and its subsidiary Honor occupied a third of the Russian market in 2019.

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