Konami Opens Official Silent Hill Twitter Account – Follows Insider Dusk Golem

Silent Hill’s Twitter account opened in July 2020, judging by the profile page. It has not yet been verified, but in one of its recordings Konami referred to it, thereby confirming its official status.

Silent Hill Official (@SilentHill) on Twitter

Silent Hill Official (@SilentHill) on Twitter


From the Silent Hill account, the publisher decided to subscribe not only, for example, to the PlayStation and Xbox profiles, but also the insider Dusk Golem. He regularly shares information about the games in the Resident Evil franchise.

However, earlier Dusk Golem wrote about the possible return of Silent Hill, but so far his information has not been confirmed.

The Silent Hill profile, in turn, was signed by producer Jeff Keely, host of The Game Awards, Opening Night Live and Summer Game Fest, as well as artist and designer Masahiro Ito, who worked on the series.

Why the profile was opened right now is unknown. Players assume that Konami is still preparing to announce a new game in the franchise, however, publishers usually try not to spoil the surprise by revealing their Twitter account ahead of time and following famous people.

Despite the lack of new games, the Silent Hill series is now relatively active – for example, Dead By Daylight has a crossover update.


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