Launched open beta iOS 14 – with widgets, “galleries” and surround sound in AirPods

From July 9, everyone can take part in the open beta testing of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and WatchOS 7. The watch is in the open beta for the first time – previously release versions were available only to software developers.

Build number – 18A5319i , same as iOS 14 Developer Beta 2.

Apple previously released two test iOS 14s for developers. We found 39 changes in the first beta and 11 innovations in the second.

The firmware size is about 3.9 GB.

To install, you need to register on the Apple website , install a special profile, restart the iPhone, and then go to Settings → General → Software Update . Downloading iOS 14 will start automatically.

To install, you need to log in with your Apple ID on the testing program website , register the device and create a backup in case you need to roll back the changes. After that, you need to restart your smartphone or tablet, and in the update settings it will be possible to download the beta version. You can roll back at any time.

Apple warns that the software version is not final, and when used there may be bugs, problems with the battery and other inconveniences, which open testing is called to reveal. Program participants install updates at their own risk.

In the open beta, all the major innovations of iOS 14 will appear. Now you can add widgets to the desktop and combine applications into “galleries” (not the same as folders). Throughout the system, the picture-in-picture mode is available, and incoming calls are displayed as a notification in the window, and do not cover the entire screen.

When connected, AirPods will enable virtual surround sound mode similar to Dolby Atmos. You can also connect headphones to several Apple devices at once, and then the connection will automatically jump from iPhone to iPad and vice versa, depending on which device is currently active.


In addition to the innovations from iOS 14, iPadOS 14 also added improved handwriting recognition, better adapted the design of some system applications to the large screen and finalized Notes.

On iPhone and iPad, you will be able to assign third-party applications as the main ones. The so-called App Clips – an analogue of Quick Apps on Android – allow you to instantly download small fragments of applications using a special graphic code so as not to install the whole program from the App Store that you do not need constantly.

WatchOS 7 adds more dials to the system, a “smart” night mode for a quiet retirement, a hand wash timer, and the ability to share custom dials.

Learn more about all the innovations on the Apple website. iOS 14 was announced on June 22, along with the transition of Mac to its own processors and MacOS Big Sur, which is also available in beta.

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