League of Legends’ latest music video hits 55 million views in 11 days

The track “K / DA – POP / STARS” took off at number one on Billboard’s worldwide digital song sales chart.
The composition of the virtual group of champions from League of Legends also took the fifth place on the Apple Music Pop Chart.

The video “K / DA – POP / STARS” is the second video shot for the final of the 2018 World Championship in League of Legends. The first one, titled “RISE”, was released at the end of September and gained 63 million views in a month and a half.

Both compositions were performed at the opening ceremony of the tournament finals held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

With the release of POP / STARS, League of Legends itself made available KDA skins for four champions – Kai’Sa, Ari, Akali and Evelynn. Riot Games has also released a dance performance training video.

As told Riot edition of Billboard, in the future, she plans to become a full-fledged music label. The company has previously released hit hits, including “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. The video for her is the most watched video on the official League of Legends YouTube channel with 184 million views.

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