Leak: The first major expansion for The Division 2 is called Warlords of New York – it will be released March 3

Goodbye Washington.

On the evening of February 10, Ubisoft published a teaser for the first major expansion of The Division 2 and hinted that big news awaits players in a day.

As users noted, Ubisoft Latinoamerica published a teaser, indicating the name of the add-on – Warlords of New York. After that he was removed.

However, the name of the leak did not end there. Several Reddit players managed to find other details in the Xbox and PlayStation stores.

For example, judging by the screenshot with the description of the pass, Warlords of New York will go on sale on March 3. Also in the database of the Xbox store there are already box art from various publications, including the absolute.

Synopsis Supplement

New York is at stake. Former Agent Aaron Keener, with the help of four dedicated and experienced lieutenants, took control of Lower Manhattan. Trained by the Unit, but renounced their ideals, they became the power in the city and the most dangerous adversary the Agents have ever encountered.

  • Add-on Features
  • The ability to instantly raise level 30.
  • Open area in New York.
  • Redesigned progression system.
  • The maximum character level is 40.
  • Endheim includes several three-month seasons.

Officially, the addition will be presented on the evening of February 11. Meanwhile, in the Russian Microsoft Store, the base game is selling for only $ 9, while in the American one it costs $ 3. There are no discounts on PC and PS Store.

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