LG Electronics and ZTE won’t come to Mobile World Congress due to 2019-nCoV coronavirus situation

LG will hold its own presentations for the announcement of new devices.

Updated: ZTE announced that it would still come to the exhibition – in its blog the company said that it had taken a number of necessary preventive and protective measures

This year, LG’s mobile unit will not appear at Barcelona’s MWC due to an outbreak of coronavirus. The company made this decision after the Chinese ZTE.

Also, LG said that the announcement of new devices will take place at individual events of the company.LG decided to refuse to participate in the Barcelona MWC, primarily, taking care of the safety of its employees and the public. This solution will prevent unnecessary international travel for hundreds of LG employees, as recommended by most healthcare experts. Instead of participating in the MWC, LG will hold separate events where it announces new mobile products.

from LG comment for The Verge

Earlier, ZTE canceled its conference at the MWC, citing the logistical consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, as well as xenophobia against Asians.

This is partly due to practical problems, such as delays with trains and visas. Some do not have time to get to Barcelona on time. Xenophobia accompanying the disease can also play a role. We are usually too polite, and therefore do not want to embarrass people.

from ZTE comment for The Verge

MWC is an exhibition focused on mobile technologies, which is held annually in Barcelona in February. This is the main event for the demonstration of electronics by Asian manufacturers. In 2020, the MWC will be held from February 24 to 26.

Earlier, organizers of MWC reported that the upcoming exhibition was almost not affected by the consequences of an outbreak of coronavirus. Nevertheless, a number of measures have been taken – greetings will be held without handshakes, and special attention will be paid to hygiene at microphones and demonstration stands.

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