LG Rollable expandable screen smartphone can cost $ 2360

Smartphones with flexible displays already exist, can be bought, and more manufacturers are looking in a new direction. Others continue to experiment with form factors, offering the next, by today’s standards, futuristic solutions. The concept of a smartphone LG with a “stretch” display appeared earlier, it recently acquired the name – LG Rollable.

Now the network has updated the technical characteristics of the device, the estimated date of entry to the market and the possible price.

According to preliminary data, the smartphone will receive a Snapdragon 888 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 4200 mAh battery. The display in different modes will have a resolution: 2428 × 1080 (“phone mode”, 20: 9 ratio), 2428 × 1366 (“video mode”, 16: 9), 2428 × 1600 (“productivity mode”, 3: 2).

The price was also announced – $ 2360. The release date is supposedly March, but the release may be delayed until June 2021.

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