Little Big showed the song and music video “Uno” for Eurovision 2020

The premiere took place at “Evening Urgant.”

The band Little Big introduced the song “Uno”, which will perform at the music contest “Eurovision 2020”. The premiere took place in the program “Evening Urgant” on Channel One.

A fragment of the song appeared on YouTube on March 7, and later on the social networks began to distribute the full version of the track. Then the group rejected the link of the fragment with the composition for the competition.

In 2020, Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Semifinals, in the first of which Little Big will perform, are scheduled for May 12 and 14. The final is scheduled for the 16th.

Despite the fact that many international events have already been canceled due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19, the organizers of Eurovision have not yet made similar statements. They stated that they were monitoring the situation and “discussing various possible scenarios for the conduct.”

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