Look at the prototype of the first iPad with secret settings

Photos of the prototype of the first iPad have been posted on Dongle’s Twitter account .

Externally, the tablet is almost no different from the serial version. On the back there is a number PT487496. It is also printed on a sticker with the headline Apple Development Team and a barcode.

An unusual frame is engraved around the logo, which is found in other prototypes .

There is a message on the lock screen stating that this iPad contains confidential information and is the property of Apple. The finder is asked to contact Apple by phone.

The most interesting is in the settings. IOS 5 was developed on the basis of this iPad, it originally worked on iOS 4.

In the system parameters there is an item Internal Settings. It contains the kernel settings and the Brick Device button. The developers had to press it when they transferred the tablet to other employees and returned to the warehouse. [ Twitter ]

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