Look at the reaction of a veteran when he found out that his watch costs $ 700,000

On American TV, the show “Antique Exhibition” is played, where the presenter travels around the States and appreciates the trinkets that the audience brings to him. One of these trinkets was the Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Reference 6263 watch, which the American military veteran acquired in 1974 and has not worn since. When he found out the real value of these watches today, he simply collapsed to the ground.

In the 70s, when a man served in Thailand, he saw pilots wearing a Rolex watch. They seemed to him status, respectable. After a couple of years, he purchased a Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Reference 6263, since he was going to wear them on the beach. But the watch, which cost several hundred dollars, was a pity to soak in salt water, and therefore they lay all this time in the safe along with the box and all the documents.

A visiting antiquarian appreciated watches ranging from $ 500,000 to $ 700,000. This is the amount an American veteran can help out if he puts this particular model up for auction. In such good condition, there are hardly any other similar watches in the world. Similar at the auction can cost about $ 400,000. But not in the same condition as a veteran. They are very appreciated by collectors, not only because of their age, but also because of Paul Newman, who wore a similar watch in the movie “Winning”.


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