Look at the Xbox Series X boot screen

Microsoft has published a short video that shows the boot screen of the Xbox Series X, as well as the background sound of the inclusion. That is nothing breakthrough and shocking. It also became known that the company will focus on its own games for the Xbox Series X at the event planned in July for the new console, and on May 7, Microsoft will present projects from third-party developers.

Note that the video collected more than 10 thousand likes and only 307 dislikes.
In July, the talk will be about “incredible games from Xbox Game Studios.” Employees of the studio, noted in the software corporation, do not wait until they can show the prepared material. Well, of course, a lot of words will be said about the technical side of the matter and the optimization of games for the Xbox Series X.
They will talk about the Smart Delivery platform, which allows you to purchase a game for the Xbox One, and after purchasing the Xbox Series X, the game will upgrade for free to run on the new console. Unbelievable!
Microsoft also plans to follow the previously announced release schedule without delaying it because of the coronavirus.

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