macOS outperformed Windows in terms of OS threats

Virus writers are paying more and more attention to the operating system, “which viruses are not afraid of.” According to a Malwarebytes report, in 2019 the number of threats to Apple computers increased by 400%. It turns out that for each “poppy” there were 11 threats, for Windows computers this figure was 5.8 per device.

This is not only about viruses, but about malicious and unwanted software in principle (these can be ransomware, data collectors, ad viewers, and so on). It is noted that the number of attacks on business has increased , and it is in this segment that Apple computers are very popular.

It should be noted that statistics are collected from computers on which the Malwarebytes software is installed. Many macOS users ignore the potential danger of catching an “infection”, relying solely on built-in protection mechanisms, and do not install specialized software.

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