Mark Zuckerberg went too far with sunblock and made him doubt that he was not a reptilian robot

The founder of Facebook spent this weekend in Hawaii, where he surfed and actively defended himself from the scorching sun. In general, he once again tried to show that he is not a reptilian, not an alien robot, but an ordinary person, to whom nothing human is alien. True, I overdid it with an abundance of sunscreen on my face. What gave rise to jokers in social networks.

Of course, it is important to use sunscreen. But Zuckerberg was smeared to such an extent that his face became lifeless white, absolutely not like a human. Rather, it is a mime on a board in the middle of the bay. Or the Joker, who forgot to conceal the accents on his face. Which was noticed in social networks.


As our readers explain, this is a special surf zinc, which is harder to apply and wash off. This toffee is used by many surfers, as sunblock rinses off much faster. Surf Zinc is available in yellow, blue, green and white. Apply either to the entire face, or to the area under the eyes and nose.

Mark Zuckerberg often becomes the object of ridicule in social networks because of his behavior or appearance. During the hearings in the US Congress, Mark tried to be as collected and personable as possible. Because of this, he looked unnatural and even a little scary.
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