Media: Apple canceled presentation in March due to Covid-19 outbreak and iPhone SE 2 production delays

New event dates are unknown.

Photo by David Phelan, Forbes

Apple canceled the event in March, at which it was supposed to present new products. This is reported by Cult of Mac, Forbes and Front Page Tech with links to sources in the company.

Officially, Apple did not announce the presentation, so Forbes notes that technically the company has not canceled anything. But media reported that the event was due to take place in March at Apple Park in California. On it, the company could introduce the iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) and the new iPad Pro.

According to Forbes, the presentation was canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19. About a thousand people were expected on it, and the company was worried about how safe it is to collect so many people in one place.

A Cult of Mac source said that another reason for the cancellation of the presentation was a delay in the production of the iPhone SE 2.

In addition, due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, authorities in Santa Clara County, where Apple Park is located, were banned from hosting events attended by a thousand or more people until at least April 1. By March 11, there are more than a thousand infected with the new coronavirus in the United States.

Apple has not announced any new possible dates for the presentation.

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