Media: hackers stole more than a terabyte of data Capcom and require 11 million dollars

The hackers claim that they got detailed reports on sales, tax documents and personal data of employees.

BleepingComputer reported that a group of hackers called Ragnar Locker got access to the servers of the Capcom publisher, about the problems with which the company spoke earlier. They said they received more terabytes of unencrypted data from corporate networks in departments in the US, Canada and Japan.

Hackers demand for ransom

The attackers said they have access to Capcom’s confidential information, including detailed revenue and sales reports, bank statements, employee passport details, business correspondence, and various agreements, including nondisclosure agreements.

As evidence, Ragnar Locker has attached several screenshots, including detailed data on sales of the publisher’s games on Steam. Also in the text with the requirements is a link to several stolen documents and a chat in which Capcom employees can negotiate with hackers.

Steam Sales Report Screenshot

According to BleepingComputer, a group of hackers have encrypted 2,000 devices connected to Capcom’s networks and are demanding $ 11 million in bitcoin as a ransom.

If the company agrees to pay, the hackers promise to return access to employees’ devices and delete all data that got to them. In case of refusal, the data will be published or sold at an auction to interested parties.

Ragnar Locker claimed responsibility for other major hacker attacks, such as hacking the servers of the Portuguese energy company Energias de Portugal, as well as the French logistics firm CMA CGM.
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