Media: Hackers Stole Over 1.2 Million Records from Stalker Online Players’ Personal Data

The archive, which also includes 136 thousand entries from user data for game forums, was sold on the darknet for several hundred euros.

According to CyberNews, the multiplayer game Stalker Online, which is available on Steam under the name Stay Out, was hacked at least in May 2020.

At the beginning of that month, journalists noticed that on one of the hacker forums a message appeared about a cyber attack on the game’s servers, as a result of which attackers gained access to the personal data of its users. Hackers left evidence of hacking on the main page of the Stalker Online website – a special tag was added to its code.

Attackers stole nearly 1.3 million entries from Stalker Online players ’personal data – including nicknames, passwords, IP addresses and email addresses, phone numbers. An archive with them, as well as data stolen from the Stalker Online forums, was put up for sale on the site The cost of the database was several hundred euros, which had to be paid with bitcoins.

Journalists of the CyberNews website who discovered a data leak on May 8 turned to studio in Sydney (formerly BigWorld), which the authors of the investigation considered the developer of Stalker Online. However, journalists did not receive an answer, since another team is engaged in the development of the game – Ekaterinburg Mobile Technologies, while the Australian only provided its engine for Stalker Online.

As a result, CyberNews employees sent a letter to asking them to remove the stolen data from the sale. After that, the archive was removed from the site, but CyberNews authors believe that it can be put up for sale in other places.

Stalker Online is not related to the STALKER series of games, which is developed by the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World.


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