Media: Nintendo is interested in Mini-LED technology for the upcoming Switch Pro

It is believed that this technology can compete with OLED.


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The Chinese Economic Daily News reports that Nintendo representatives have visited the Innolux factory in Taiwan to discuss the possibility of equipping the next version of the Nintendo Switch with a Mini-LED display.

This technology is considered one of the most promising for the coming years – a conventional LCD panel is equipped with direct backlighting from hundreds or even thousands of miniature LEDs, which are individually controlled and allow you to achieve very high contrast between dark and light areas of the image. This approach provides a “real” black color and saves battery power a little, since not the entire surface of the screen glows all the time.

Currently, Nintendo Switch is equipped with 720p IPS displays from Japanese Sharp or JDC. Moving to Mini-LED in an improved model could be a big step forward, but it will require a significant increase in performance.

Information about the new screen partly coincides with rumors that in the next version of Switch Nintendo intends to implement HDR support, upscaling to 4K in stationary mode and other improvements. According to some reports, the announcement is scheduled for 2021, but there is no reliable confirmation of this yet.

Earlier, analyst Min-Chi Kuo said Apple intends to move most of its portable devices, including the iPad and MacBook, to Mini-LED screens.

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