Media: Samsung will launch a line of Mini-LED TVs in early 2021 the year

IT-home reports that Samsung Display VP Han Jonghee has announced his intention to launch a line of Mini-LED TVs in the first half of 2021.


The company previously Apple for the new generation of iPad and MacBook, a to sell more than two million Mini-LED panels next year, but it is not clear as of today if those plans have changed due to the pandemic or other circumstances.

Mini-LED technology may become one of the most promising for the coming years – it is a modification of conventional LCD panels with direct LED backlighting, which consists of thousands of miniature diodes (100-300 microns each). The LEDs can be controlled individually or in small zones, which allows for high contrast and brightness values.

Mini-LED panels are not only made by Samsung. It is known that LG is supplying its version of such screens to Apple for the new generation of iPad and MacBook, and the Taiwanese Innolux is in talks with Nintendo .

Earlier, Samsung announced that production of conventional LCD panels in China and Korea will be discontinued by the end of the year. After that, the company will focus on quantum dot technology, OLED, Mini-LED and Micro-LED.

Micro-LED is a next generation technology that is meant to be a complete replacement for OLED. Instead of OLEDs, conventional silicon LEDs are used, which minimizes the risk of burnout and increases brightness.

Samsung showcased its first Micro-LED TV at CES 2020 – The Wall concept model consists of many independent Micro-LED panels that connect without a visible joint. In theory, such a “wall” can be of any size, but the technology itself is still very expensive and mass production has not yet begun.

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