Media: Ubisoft temporarily suspended two vice presidents of the company after allegations of harassment

This was done as part of an internal investigation.

According to Bloomberg, Ubisoft has temporarily suspended two of its top employees in the company, Tommy François and Maxime Béland, vice presidents of the development division. This was reported by anonymous sources familiar with the situation inside the publishing house.

The measures were taken after a series of allegations of sexual harassment – at least three such complaints were addressed to Francois and Belan. The company launched not only an internal audit – according to the journalist Jason Schreyer, the case of violations in the workplace is conducted by third-party law firms.

The CEO of Ubisoft and the head of the human resources department informed the company that the charges are being handled by third-party law firms. Ubi itself will also create an additional internal unit, which will “develop more effective solutions and tools to track such incidents, as well as report on them and solve problems without delay”.

Representatives of the publishing house declined to make official comments, stressing that they could not divulge information about the ongoing investigation.

A wave of allegations of harassment against members of Ubisoft’s management, as well as employees of other gaming companies, began in late June. The publisher previously issued an official statement regarding the situation, apologizing and assuring that it was taking all necessary measures, as well as conducting a full audit of the company’s current policy to resolve such problems.

At the same time, Ubisoft employees claim that cases of harassment were known before that – similar complaints had been received by the personnel department for several years.

This is not the first such case in recent weeks. Earlier, several women were accused of sexual harassment of scriptwriter and game designer Chris Avellone, known for working with Black Isle Studios and Obsidian. He did not deny the incident, and several developers have already refused to cooperate with him.

In addition, on June 24, Assrafin’s Creed Valhalla creative director Ashraf Ismail left the project after he was accused of adultery. Soon, the game designer also deleted his Twitter account.


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