Meme: French pronunciation on Google Translate

Thanks to the voice of the translator, any meme or character gains French charm with baguettes, the Eiffel Tower and traditional music.

In February, jokes gained popularity in the Russian-language segment of social networks, where a voice from a Google translator pronounces memes in French, names of celebrities or fictional characters. After that, the hero of the template ends up in France, and accordion music plays in the background. Other languages ​​were also used as a joke, including Italian, German, or Arabic.

In October 2019, TikTok @ austin.burnman posted a video where he plays the French pronunciation of the word “titties” on Google Translate. After that, the user ended up with a glass of wine near the Eiffel Tower. Against the background, the composition “ Traditionnel musette ” by composer Maurice Larkange played, which was most often used in subsequent memes. The video gained more than 1.5 million likes.


I’m a man of culture #greenscreen #fyp #oui #foryoupage

♬ original sound – austin.burnham

This format gained popularity in TikTok – at first, users entered random words in the translator, and soon they began to insert celebrity names.


I‘m just a men of culture #fyp #french #translator #paris #googletranslate

♬ original sound – kidalvn

he really do b italian doe😳 #fyp #full180 #foyoupage #googletranslate

♬ original sound – sxdisticbarbie

love, actually #googletranslate #mikepence #fyp #foryoupage #gay #gaylove #gayromance

♬ original sound – kevinatwater

Soon, the meme evolved – variations with other languages ​​appeared.


Sorry Queen Lizzie #queenelizabeth #arabtiktok #nancyajrm #yatabtab #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #googletranslate #arab

♬ Original sound – rawapoopybutthole

Out of TikTok, the meme went only in December. The joke got to Instagram, where users for the most part inserted various famous people into the template.

Danny de vito

Billy ailish

Theresa May

Jeremy Clarkson

On Twitter, the meme appeared in January.

And in early January, the Translated Memes channel was launched on YouTube , where they published similar videos. They mostly post memes on Star Wars, but there are jokes with other pop-cultural characters like Shrek or Naruto .

Anakin Skywalker in France

Darth Vader in China

Luke Skywalker in Turkey

In the Russian-language segment of social networks, the format attracted attention only in mid-February. Basically, users added other memes that were ever popular in Russia to the format.
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