Meme: Woolen Wolf

The championship on inventing captions for a picture with a wolf pack just started, and already managed to tire some.

Photo by Aaron Huey

Many people know that wolves live in packs, but whether there is any hierarchy among the chains of wolves when moving is a big question . It is believed that wolves follow each other in deep snow, simply because it increases the overall speed of the pack and maintains endurance, and wolves are intelligent animals. In addition, they can simply follow the old trail.

The shot above is from Aaron Huey, National Geographic photographer. He said that he did it in Alaska in Denali National Park , and it captured the moment when a pack of wolves leads their offspring to new hunting grounds.

I watched these wolves for three days: during this time they ate the moose, and I was lucky to find them at the intersection of the untouched snow field. There was not much snow in the rest of the park because of the warm and dry winters, and it was difficult to make out the wolves among the dark brown and green foliage.Aaron Huey, National Geographic photographer

At the end of January 2016, this picture appeared on the Picabu, but then few people noticed it. A week later, the photo was published again, but the recording was again ignored.

A year later, on January 31, 2017, the same photo appeared on the JoyReactor website, where several comments were added to the wolves in the comments, including: “I am a wolf wolf, my God, how good I am, how powerful my paws are.”

It wasn’t so original: the picture often went on the Internet with the attributed motivational quote from South African writer John Maxwell: “A leader is someone who knows the way, goes his own way and shows the way.” However, this time on the “Picaba” the joke with JoyReactor was appreciated , and it quickly turned into a meme.


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