Microsoft has created an AI supercomputer for OpenAI based on the Azure cloud. He was named one of the five most powerful in the world.

The supercomputer will be used to train the next generation of massive distributed AI models.

Microsoft has created one of the five most powerful supercomputers in the world. It was developed on the basis of the Azure cloud specifically for OpenAI.  talked about this at Microsoft.

Microsoft’s supercomputer is equipped with 285 thousand processor cores and 10 thousand graphics processors. The connection speed is 400 gigabits per second for each server. The device is planned to be used to train the next generation of massive distributed AI models that will be able to perform a wider range of functions

As Microsoft explained, machine learning experts used to develop AI models that use data sets to accomplish one goal — object recognition, text translation, and more. However, one large model is better at handling some scenarios, trained, for example, on billions of pages of publicly available texts.

Such systems can solve several different problems at once: summarize the results of long performances, moderate chat in online games and even generate program code after searching on GitHub. However, large models require a progressive supercomputing infrastructure – for this, an AI supercomputer was needed.

OpenAI is a company founded by Ilon Mask that deals with the regulation of artificial intelligence. She herself is developing tools for working with neural networks and machine learning – for example, an algorithm that generates convincing fake news headlines.


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