Microsoft officially unveils Xbox Store redesign

Individual members of the Xbox Insider program will be able to try it out from August 5th.

Screenshots of the Microsoft Store redesign for Xbox consoles were leaked in early June 2020, and the update was officially announced on August 3.

Microsoft said that after the update, the online store will work twice as fast and will launch in less than two seconds. The Microsoft Store interface on Xbox will become more intuitive and user-friendly – it has redesigned, among other things, the filter system, search and navigation in general, and wishlists.

In addition, the store will immediately display the prices of games available through backward compatibility, and the editions of the same game can be compared on the same page.
Access to the updated Microsoft Store on Xbox will open gradually – first, members of the Xbox Insider program will be able to try it, and in the fall of 2020, the redesign will be made available to all users.

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