Microsoft will close the streaming service Mixer July 22

And enter into a partnership with Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft has announced plans to close the streaming service Mixer. It will be disconnected on July 22.

The success of partners and streamers on Mixer depends on our ability to scale the platform as fast and as actively as possible. It became clear that the time that we needed to grow our own community did not fit in with the idea of ​​Microsoft and Xbox about what experience they want to give gamers now. Therefore, we decided to close the operating part of Mixer and help the community with the transition to a new platform.

From Mixer Statement

Partners and streamers will be able to switch to Facebook Gaming on special conditions. Mixer partners will receive a similar status on this platform, and starting June 22 they will begin to receive instructions on how to switch to it. Starting July 22, the Mixer website will redirect to Facebook Gaming, while broadcasts on the Xbox One will become temporarily unavailable.

In addition, content creators on Mixer participating in the open monetization program will become members of the Level Up program – an analogue on Facebook Gaming.

Microsoft urged to support their favorite streamers with the internal currency of the site – “sparks” and “coals” – since in June all income received by the broadcasts will be doubled. Those users whose accounts will have “embers” by July 22 will receive Xbox gift cards.

In his statement regarding the closure of Mixer, Phil Spencer noted that now Microsoft intends to focus on the development of Project xCloud service together with Facebook. In particular, it will allow you to run games by clicking on ads on a social network.

Games have already become part of our social space, and Project xCloud will be able to take you away from discussing a new game – be it a fun moment posted by your friend, advertisement or stream – directly to the game. In the future, with Xbox Live and Project xCloud, there’s only one click between “I watch” and “I play”.

Phil Spencer

head of Xbox

On Twitter, Tara Wake, Mixer program manager, said service employees were not warned of the closure.

We did not know that this would happen. We just found out.

Wake, however, noted that she was offered a job, but was not told where and by whom exactly. She emphasized that this applies only to her, and not to all Mixer employees.

Journalist Richard Lewis said, citing his own sources, that Facebook tried to maintain agreements with the most important partners of Mixer, but Shroud and Ninja refused.

Sources familiar with the deal told me that, despite Facebook’s attempts to retain major partners, both Shroud and Ninja refused. They received full payment and already at midnight yesterday were in the right to negotiate with other platforms. It started.


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