Military pilots master Su-30SM multipurpose fighters

At the Baranavichy airfield, Belarusian military pilots continue to master Su-30SM multipurpose fighters. A video about this was published on its YouTube channel by the TV company VoenTV . Pilots mastered the theoretical base in Lipetsk, in Baranavichy they undergo practical training: takeoff, landing, difficult aerobatics, air battles, ground targets attacks day and night, in various weather conditions.

Yesterday, March 5, according to VoenTV , an independent departure on a new type of aircraft was performed by the commander of the air base, Colonel Yuri Pyzhik. For him, this is the fifth type of aircraft. Six military pilots were allowed to fly independently. Among them, one instructor.

The modification of the Su-30SM fighter was developed on the basis of the Indian modification of the Su-30MKI. The updated fighter flew up in the sky in September 2012. The fighter is delivered to the Russian and Kazakh Air Force. The first four Su-30SM fighters out of 12 planned arrived in Belarus last November. Total deliveries will be completed in three years.

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