Min-Chi Kuo: complete with iPhones of 2020 there will be no adapter for charging and EarPods

Only the smartphone and the charging cable will remain in the box.

Apple will stop bundling with the new iPhones of 2020, the charging adapter and EarPods. The company does not want to increase the cost of the new model, but plans to compensate for the introduction of 5G components. This was reported by 9to5Mac, citing analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for accurate predictions about future Apple products.

According to analysts, this is how the company will reduce transportation costs – the packaging will become smaller and more iPhones can be transported at a time. In addition, it will reduce the environmental impact.

Kuo believes that the 20-watt adapter mentioned in past leaks will indeed be released with new iPhones, but it will not be included – the device will be sold separately. According to the analyst, Apple will abandon both the 5-watt adapters and the 18-watt model that was bundled with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. The changes will not affect the configuration of the new 10.8-inch iPad and 8.5-inch iPad mini, scheduled for 2021.

Leaked to the Internet photo of a 20 W power adapter Twitter photo from  laobaiTD

In May 2020, Kuo announced that Apple will abandon the complete EarPods in new iPhones. Then the analyst explained that this would help the company increase sales of wireless AirPods.

As noted on 9to5Mac, the reduction of the kit is unlikely to cause inconvenience to users: many owners of iPhones already have adapters and headphones from past devices. At the same time, users can perceive this as a way for a company to increase earnings on accessories.

Kuo predicts that in 2020 Apple will release four new iPhones. One in the new 5.4-inch form factor, two 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7-inch “Max.” The entire line will be equipped with OLED displays for the first time.


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