More than 90 million 5G users worldwide

The rollout of 5G networks around the world is in full swing. Today, more than 90 million subscribers use high-speed mobile Internet. This figure was announced by the rotating chairman of Huawei Guo Ping during the opening of the Better World Summit. He noted that the pandemic has changed life and work, dealt a heavy blow to the economy, but ICT companies can use these conditions to apply new modern technologies in various fields.

“Based on our experience in early hotspots, we have developed nine scenario solutions that use ICT technology to tackle the pandemic. Whether it’s rolling out a hospital network, remote counseling, online education, or overhauling government and business, we share our experiences and capabilities in our quest to stop the spread of the virus and restart the economy.

The speaker noted that 5G’s business model is not limited to improving connectivity. In synergy with cloud and computing, artificial intelligence, these technologies reinforce each other and open up tremendous opportunities in the areas of communications, industry applications, AI and cloud solutions.

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