Motorola RAZR screen for $ 1,500 stratified after a week of use

Flexible-screen smartphones are haunted by a curse launched with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It also did not bypass Motorola RAZR’s novelty: the device’s display almost failed after just a week of normal operation. This was reported by journalists of the publication Input, whose smartphone turned out to be defective.

Judging by the photos, the OLED screen literally stratified in the middle, at the bend. The upper plastic layer moved away from the screen matrix itself, and an air bubble formed between them. The journalist who had a smartphone says that the smartphone did not fall, there were no other injuries either: when he folded the RAZR, everything was in order, and when he opened again after about 45 minutes, the bubble had already appeared.

Moreover, the screen continues to delaminate with each disclosure of Motorola RAZR. The air gap affects not only the appearance, but also the functionality: the display in the area of ​​damage practically does not respond to touch.

Assumption Input – the display is stratified due to the temperature difference: in New York, it is now about minus 1-2 degrees Celsius, and a journalist from the street went into a warm apartment, and then went back to the city. Probably, the flexible display turned out to be sensitive to temperature changes.

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