Motorola warned: flexible RAZR display will be uneven

Motorola has posted a video about the flexible screen features RAZR owners will face.

The company warned users that any bumps and bumps under the display should not be scary . For a flexible screen, this is normal.

Presumably, the RAZR should not face the same problems as the Galaxy Fold at the start of sales. The RAZR uses a different hinge and a more flexible screen.

Motorola also does not recommend wetting the screen. If drops of water get on it, immediately wipe it with a soft cloth.

The display should not interact with sharp objects, the film does not need to be glued to it. When unfolded, the RAZR must not be carried in your pocket.

Topic: Presented Motorola RAZR clamshell with a flexible screen. The past has become the future

Today, the American operator Verizon opened a pre-order for RAZR for $ 1499 or 93 thousand rubles. Sales of the device were originally supposed to start on February 6 , but later the date was postponed to February 14. [ The Verge ]

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