My main iOS 14 bug is worse than a nightmare

I sometimes envy millions of iPhone owners who quietly use their gadgets, updating iOS at the right time and ignoring various unstable beta.

I’m supposed to be at the forefront of progress, so the very first, raw beta of iOS 14, I rolled onto my iPhone 11 Pro 1.5 hours after the WWDC 2020 presentation ended . Each year, the installation of the first version of Apple’s mobile OS with a new serial number is a step into the unknown.

Topic: How to install iOS 14 right now

It is not known how the smartphone will behave, what problems will appear and what glitches will pop up during use.

To my surprise, iOS 14 turned out to be well-developed and has never disappointed all these days.

Up to this day.

The most insidious bug I’ve ever seen

I constantly receive notifications from different messengers and mail. Spam, communication with authors, news – it is important for me to stay in touch 24 hours a day.

But this morning it was surprisingly calm: no calls, messages, notifications. I was even glad that I had free time to calmly drink coffee, have breakfast and enjoy the silence.

But at some point the silence became alarming: there had never been such a long break, and I took my iPhone to make sure that everything was in order and the world did not die out from the cove.

At first glance, Lockscreen did not arouse suspicion. But as soon as I unlocked the smartphone, iOS 14 helpfully gave me an unpleasant notification:

The cell module just said “PAK!” and fell off. Moreover, the transfer to airplane mode and vice versa did not help, I had to reboot the smartphone in a hard way , using three buttons.

After the reboot, messages and notifications of missed calls fell like a cornucopia.

Now I have an obsessive fear of this bug. You need to constantly check your smartphone, making sure that the cellular module is working. Another reason to never put a beta version of iOS on your only working iPhone.

The main thing is that none of my colleagues had such a bug. I was lucky. Perhaps this is because my only edition of the iPhone 11 Pro is not growing, but the Chinese dual-SIM.

If you have already rolled iOS 14 in anticipation of widgets and new goodies – be careful. There is a great opportunity to stay out of touch at the most inopportune moment.

But if you like to take risks, here is our review of all 39 major innovations of iOS 14 .


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