NASA changed its mind about conducting a “fully female” spacewalk

One of the American women had problems with a spacesuit.

Nick Haig (left), Christina Cook (center) and Ann McClain (right) NASA photo

NASA abandoned plans to conduct the first spacewalk, in which only women would participate. Astronaut Anne McClain is a medium-sized suit, but he is on the ISS in a single copy. Due to problems with the suit, McClain will replace Nick Haig during his spacewalk.

As explained by NASA, after a successful spacewalk March 22 with Haig, McClain realized that she was most comfortable in a spacesuit with an “average size of a stiff upper torso .” However, the ISS for the upcoming spacewalk left only one space suit of this size ready for use. He will wear Christina Cook, NASA’s second astronaut at the station.

According to the agency’s initial plan , Cook and McClain were supposed to go into outer space only on March 29 to replace the batteries on the ISS. This event could become historic, because in outer space for the first time only women would have appeared. In addition, women on Earth would also be following the mission – Christina Facchol of the Canadian Space Agency, as well as Mary Lawrence and Jackie Cagi.

As noted in The Verge, probably NASA will not try to repeat the female spacewalk in the near future. According to the plans, the ISS crew will make three exits in March and April and will replace the batteries at the station with nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion ones. After the March 29 mission, McClain is most likely to be able to go into outer space only with Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques on April 8 to replace cables outside the station.

According to NASA, so far out of 214 EVAs, only 13 have been made by women. The first was the Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya, who worked on Salute-7 in 1984. Since then, women went into outer space another 12 times and always paired with a man.

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