NASA chose the name of the new rover – “Persistence”

NASA has decided on the name of the new rover, which will go to the Red Planet in July this year. An all-terrain vehicle the size of a passenger car was called Perseverance. As usual, NASA held a contest to select the name of the device among schoolchildren and students.

According to the rules of the competition, participants had to offer their own version of the name of the rover and write an essay explaining why the device should be called that way. NASA received about 28 thousand essays. Nine variants of the title participated in the final: Endurance (“Endurance”), Tenacity (“Perseverance”), Promise (“Promise”), Perseverance (“Perseverance”), Vision (“Vision”), Clarity (“Clarity”), Ingenuity (“Inventiveness”), Fortitude (“Persistence”) and Courage (“Courage”).

The best recognized Perseverance. The title was suggested by seventh grader Alexander Mater of Virginia. As a prize, the teenager will receive a free trip to launch Perseverance from Cape Canaveral. After the victory, the guy said that he wants to become an engineer and work at NASA.

Perseverance will get to Mars next February. The purpose of the all-terrain vehicle is to find signs of ancient life on the Red Planet. In addition, Perseverance will study the ground and look for ice. The rover is equipped with 23 cameras and two microphones.

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