NASA has selected nine companies to deliver goods to the moon

The US aerospace agency has selected nine private companies that will compete for contracts to deliver automated modules to the moon. With their help, the equipment necessary for astronauts who will appear on the moon later will be sent to the natural satellite of the Earth. Among the selected companies do not appear SpaceX Ilona Mask and Blue Origin Jeff Bezos.

NASA chose Lockheed Martin, Astrobotic, Moon Express, Masten Space Systems, Deep Space Systems, Draper, Firefly Aerospace, Intuitive Machines, and Orbit Beyond. SpaceX and Blue Origin expressed their interest in the lunar project, but remained out of work.

As part of the program, it is planned to send a small automated module to the moon that can deliver at least 10 kg of payload to the satellite, The Verge reports . This may be the equipment needed to obtain detailed data on the lunar surface and available resources.

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