NASA showed inspirational video of the new Martian mission

The American space agency NASA published a promotional video of the mission, in which the Perseverance rover will be sent to the Red Planet. It turned out according to the Hollywood canons: inspiring and beautiful.

– We strive to overcome obstacles. Our path leads to success and bitter losses. But even when we face a tragedy, we persist further, ”the video says in the video for the footage of the chronicle related to space exploration and the beginning of acquaintance with Mars.

The video is called We Persevere, which refers to the name of the Mars rover itself “Perseverance”. The launch date was postponed several times. There is hope that it will be implemented this month, as the favorable window for launching Martian vehicles is rapidly shrinking. The next chance will fall no earlier than 2022 due to the position of the Earth relative to Mars.


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