NASA telescope launch postponed for 16th time

The James Webb telescope has a long and thorny path into space. Its launch was repeatedly delayed due to technical difficulties in production, and its cost is growing regularly and will soon exceed $ 10 billion. According to an audit of the US government, the launch of the telescope in March 2021 can happen with a probability of only 12%. And therefore a new transfer awaits him.

The last audit was conducted in October last year, writes The Verge . The transfer may be officially announced this spring. Then NASA will name the new estimated date of the telescope’s release into space.

The telescope was first conceived in the 90s. Its value was estimated in the range from $ 1 billion to $ 3.5 billion. Scientists assumed that it would be put into orbit between 2007 and 2011. But over the years, the cost of manufacturing the telescope grew, and the launch date was regularly shifted. According to recent estimates, the entire project will cost US taxpayers $ 9.66 billion. But the new transfer will lead to higher costs.

The James Webb Telescope will be the most powerful space observatory in the history of mankind. It will be a huge mirror of several sections with a total diameter of 6.5 meters. Thanks to him, astronomers will be able to observe the oldest and most distant objects in the universe. They can, in fact, look into the past of the Universe after its birth 13.8 billion years ago.

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