National Geographic told the story of a meme shot about the “woolly wolf”. It turned out that the wolf led the pack

“I am a wolf wolf, how powerful are my paws!”

“ Woolen Wolf ” is a famous Russian-speaking meme of 2017. It is very simple: to the photo with a pack of wolves, which goes in succession through the snowdrifts, inscriptions began to be substituted. The most famous variation is the one where predators discuss the leader’s path and actions, while the leader himself, for the first time, jumps through the snow shouting “I am a wolf’s wolf, my God, how good I am, how powerful my talons are”.

For three years, the meme has dozens of variations.

Back in 2016, National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey took the shot. In February 2020, the publication again published a photo on its instagram and shared the story of the frame with the wolves.

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Photo by Aaron Huey @argonautphoto | Wolves deep in Denali National Park, in Alaska, lead their offspring to new hunting grounds. The Iron Creek pack’s breeding pair breaks trail through fresh snow, with the female leading. I watched the pack over the course of three days as they devoured a moose, and then I was lucky enough to catch them as they left that site, crossing this large, unbroken field of snow. Other parts of the park had less snow from a warm, dry winter, and it was harder to see the wolves in the patchy brown and green of the trees. This shot was the result of a little luck, but mostly relentless searching for the right pack in the right photo conditions. The payoff was worth the time put in! For more Denali wolf photos follow @argonautphoto. #wolves #alaska #denalinationalpark

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Wolves in the interior of Denali National Park (Alaska) lead their offspring to a new hunting ground. They lay a trail through fresh snow with a she-wolf at the head. I watched these wolves for three days: during this time they ate the moose, and I was lucky to find them at the intersection of the untouched snow field.

There was not much snow in the rest of the park because of the warm and dry winters, and it was hard to see the wolves among the dark brown and green foliage. This picture is a result of luck, but for the most part – a constant search for the right flock in the right conditions. The picture was worth the effort.

In fact, this story is not new: the photographer told almost the same thing in 2016. But one detail was added: a clarification about the she-wolf leading the flock through the snow.

All this, of course, does not affect the already established meme, where you can add any inscription to any picture. But in social networks, they thought: how, then, to redo the phrase?
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