New MacBook Airs may wear out anti-glare screens. No solution

Apple told service centers that there might be anti-glare problems on a MacBook Air with a Retina screen.

What exactly these problems are not specified. Probably, this is about erasing the anti-reflective layer. A similar defect has long been present in MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Apple has a warranty program that provides for a free screen replacement in case of a similar problem. However, not a single MacBook Air model is present in it, so it is unclear whether the owners of the “airs” can count on it.

Which Macs come under the free replacement anti-glare display cover

▪️ MacBook Pro 2015
▪️ MacBook Pro 2016
▪️ MacBook Pro 2017
▪️ MacBook 2015
▪️ MacBook 2016
▪️ MacBook 2017

The final decision on the free repair will probably be made by the service center. [ MacRumors ]


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