New Xbox graphics power reaches 12 teraflops

The head of the Microsoft gaming division Phil Spencer on the official Xbox blog has shed light on some details regarding the new generation of consoles, which will debut this year. “Compared to the previous generation, the Xbox Series X represents an excellent balance of power and speed in console design, moving along all technological fronts to provide amazing, dynamic, vibrant worlds and minimize any aspects that could harm it, ” writes Phil .

The new custom processor based on AMD Zen 2 technology will make the console four times more powerful than the original Xbox One. The graphics accelerator can boast 12 teraflops of performance, which is twice the performance of the Xbox One X and 8 times the original Xbox One.

The novelty will support hardware acceleration of ray tracing in DirectX: realistic lighting and acoustics in real time, accurate reflections.

Speed ​​up downloads in games. Game worlds will become larger, more complex and more dynamic. In-game downloads will be faster thanks to the SSD drive.

Xbox Series X will support the Quick Resume feature, which will allow you to almost instantly continue to play from a paused state without long download screens. At the same time, this function will work for several games at once.

The input signal delay between the gamepad and the console will become much less. Dynamic Latency Input uses a proprietary wireless communication protocol for this purpose.

On the Xbox Series X, gamers will be able to run games at 120 frames per second for increased realism in games.

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