New York City Underground uses high-power hard-radiation UV lamps against coronavirus

The New York City Transportation Authority, which manages the subway and bus routes, intends to test new ways to disinfect vehicles. The department is taking such a step because of a sharp decrease in the number of passengers. The project partner will be Columbia University, whose scientists suggested the vulnerability of the new coronavirus to ultraviolet radiation.

Starting May 11, UV lamps emitting short-wave ultraviolet (UVC, ultraviolet C) will be installed in bus and metro cars, as well as in some depots. It is noted that UVC is harmful to organic compounds, but its effectiveness against the new coronavirus has not yet been proven.

If the approach works, UV lamps will be installed in more transport units.

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Earlier, Donald Trump voiced the opinion that it is possible to treat patients with COVID-19 using UV radiation. The U.S. president later said it was sarcasm.



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