New York Warriors Trailers, Parts, and Gameplay for The Division 2

DLC will add New York to the game and will be released on March 3.

“Warriors of New York” will talk about the struggle of the Special Forces with his former fighter Aaron “Vanguard” Keener, who captured lower Manhattan. He made a viral strain and attacked the headquarters of the Special Forces in New York, killing several dozen agents and civilians.

To get to Keener, you need to clean four districts of Manhattan, which are controlled by the lieutenants of the “Vanguard” – so, Vivian Conley defends the location of Two Bridges. Other locations in lower Manhattan: the administrative center, financial district and Battery Park.

Story Trailer Warlords of New York

“Warriors of New York” will also add 2 cleaners and convicts as opponents to The Division, raise the maximum level of the character to the 40th and introduce the “Special squad level” indicator, which can be increased to infinity.

Players will also be able to immediately create a character of the 30th level and gain access to four additional skills, exclusive equipment, equipment and personal items.

Warlords of New York review trailer

After the release of “Warriors of New York” in The Division 2, the end game will also be updated – themed three-month seasons with unique story lines, goals and awards will be held in the game.

Pre-order DLC is already available on PC in the Ubisoft Store – a separate add-on costs  22.96 United States Dollar . In the store you can also purchase the “Warriors of New York” along with the base game and the ultimate edition, which in addition includes a first year membership and a set of equipment.

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